Soft Touch

Soft Touch Acrylic Nail OverCoat
Acrylic Nails deserve the final step!

The remarkable Soft Touch Acrylic Nail OverCoat Seals, Protects, Preserves and produces a brilliant natural shine without buffing to all Acrylic Nails! Beautiful "Natural Looking" Acrylic Nails with a crystal clear coating that resists chemicals, detergents, chipping, and abusive treatment!

"The product is so easy to apply!" Simply apply a bead of the OverCoat on top of the Natural Acrylic Nail using genuine Soft Touch liquid Activator. Paint the bead of Finishing Coat on the nail as you would nail polish. The Activator bottle has a brush in the cap to paint and cure the OverCoat. The liquid Activator does not contain Toluene, 111 Trichlorethane, or Freon. No Burning, No Harmful Spray or Mist, No Ultraviolet Rays. The OverCoat is a controllable liquid Brush-On so you can use it on top of fills.

As a Professional your Nail Product deserves to be the best it can be! Use only the original and genuine Soft Touch OverCoat for "That Perfect Acrylic Nail."

Brilliant Natural Shine
Seals & Protects

That Soft Touch Team did it again!

*Make in USA
*Nail Care Institute Tested

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