Soft Touch

Porcelain Manicure Bowl
How this obvious product could be overlooked
for a century is odd, but Soft Touch made the discovery!

Why Porcelain?

The experts at Soft Touch bring you the first Professional Porcelain Manicure Bowl. No more buying inferior glass and plastic bowls for soaking off acrylics and wraps. Plastic bowls will not sustain in acetone and other caustic removers as Porcelain Bowls will. Porcelain Bowls help maintain the temperature of the soaking solutions to help pamper the client. The Soft Touch Professional Porcelain Manicure Bowl further pampers the client by allowing the client's hand to rest comfortably.

Your salon and clients deserve better than glass and plastic manicure bowls. Use Soft Touch Professional Porcelain Manicure Bowls.

Sustains Acetone/Caustic Removers
Maintains Temperature Of Solutions
Easy To Clean
Non Scratch Bottom
Pampers Your Client

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1150 Beacon Street, Brea, California CA 92821
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