Soft Touch

Hygienics Case™

Hygienics Puts Disinfected Implements and Styling Tools In Their Place!

You store them in paper or cloth bags, plastic food storage bags, envelopes and more - your disinfected implements and styling tools! NOW, there's a safer, more convenient alternative from Soft Touch, the leader in Professional Beauty since 1979. It's the Soft Touch Hygienics Case™ - precision engineered to safeguard disinfected combs, nail files, clippers, tweezers, implements, scissors, drill bits and more.

Made of triple duty, low flex butadiene acrylic, the Hygienics Case™ is designed for years of use. The Hygienics Case™ is clear, so you can see exactly what's stored inside. It's "sure fit" closure assures you that everything inside stays disinfected. In fact,  the Hygienics Case™ is the ideal way to be sure that you are complying with strict State Board Regulations and avoid a citation and a fine.

Hygienics Case™ is so convenient, too! It's compact enough to fit in a drawer, or to carry your tools from station to station. When your Clients see your Hygienics Case™ marked "Disinfected", they are assured that the tools you use on them are perfectly safe. Hygienics Case™ is yet another innovation from Soft Touch.

Hygienics Case


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