Soft Touch

Hygienics Personal Pack™
Don't Share Manicure Items!
Everyone Deserves Their Own
Hygienics Personal Pack

*Ultimate Nail Protection Against Cross Contamination
*Choose The Perfect Pack For Acrylics, Wraps or Natural
*Compact, Color Coded Containers Allows For Easy Storage

In today's world sanitation is a key concern, especially in the salon environment. Soft Touch Hygienics Pack™ offers an easy solution. A personal pack for each and every customer eliminates possible cross contamination and infection by providing your clients with their own implements. Each pack is designed with the perfect selection of high quality implements for the job at hand. Space saving design and labeling make it easy to store and quickly identify. There are three packs to choose from:

           **Acrylic Nails      **Wrap Nails    **Natural Nails

             *Personal Packs refillable from Soft Touch open stock.

Hygienics Personal Packs

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