Soft Touch
10 pretty toes in under 10 minutes
Advanced formula gel smoothes ridges and adds dazzling shine to toenails.

Easy 2-Step Gel System
Cures in less than 60 seconds without expensive UV lamps

Self Leveling - No Buffing
Smoothes ridges and adds hi-gloss shine.

Helps polish wear longer
Protective coating prevents chipping.


Soft Touch Pedicoat is fast, applying to all 10 toes in less than ten minutes. Just apply a bead of gel to the nail and brush-on the Perfector. That's it! The result is a non-yellowing, high gloss shine that clients love. Best of all, Pedicoat gel does not require one of those expensive, space-hogging UV lamps to cure. It cures in less than sixty seconds eliminating those annoying smudge marks. The self- leveling formula also provides a smooth finish without buffing. That's right - No Buffing! Pedicoat even serves as a protective basecoat lengthening polish wear and preventing staining caused by dark nail polish.

Pedicoat™ is self-leveling and dries to a brilliant
hi-gloss shine without buffing.
Dries in 30 seconds!

Prepare the toenail by removing polish, topcoats or any other topical coating. Push back cuticle and shape the nail. Lightly buff the nail with a fine abrasive to remove shine.

Step 1)
Apply a bead of the Pedicoat Gel to the center of the toenail.

Step 2)
Brush the liquid Perfector over the bead of gel spreading it as you would nail polish. Keep product away from cuticle area. Wipe brush in a circular motion on a lint free pad or towel before returning it to the Perfector bottle. This will prevent build-up or hardening of the brush. If hardening occurs, simply switch the caps on the Prefector and the Brush Cleaner. Switch caps every 2 to 3 nails to keep brush free of build-up.

Lightly buff the surface with a fine buffer. Apply Pedicoat over entire toenail, repeating Steps 1 and 2.

Removing Pedicoat™
Brush Pedicoat Brush Cleaner over the nail surface and wait a few seconds. While still wet, wipe with a lint free pad. Can also be removed with acetone. Pedicoat kit yields 40 to 50 sets! Salon Cost $28.50

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