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Antibacterial Nail & Foot Files

U.S. Patent # 5,813,416
Foreign Patent # 0645298,43513

Rudolph International, Inc. is offering Professional Beauty the world's first Antibacterial Nail and Foot Files. 

What are Antibacterial Nail & Foot Files?

Fingernail & Foot Files having an abrasive surface that are treated, bonded, coated or micro encapsulated with an EPA and/or FDA registered broad spectrum Biocide also known as Amoebacides. The Biocide used to treat Antibacterial Nail & Foot Files has been laboratory tested on abrasives and proven effective against a broad range of bacteria and fungi over an extended period.

What Do Antibacterial Files Do?

The abrasive contains a Biocide that is active. When bacteria and fungi contact the abrasive it also comes in contact with the active Biocide. Laboratory tests prove strong protection against these bacteria. It kills.

Who Cares About These Files & New Technology?

Market study and focus groups reveal 78% of nail and foot files consumer buyers do! Antibacterial products are now recognized and accepted by the consumer.  Wouldn't you prefer to have a new file that is Antibacterial instead of a file that might have been produced under unsanitary conditions, even third world. The professional knows that abrasives can harbor bacteria. Even a sneeze or cough over abrasives can create a home for bacteria... Unless they are Antibacterial Active! They are not a cure all to bacteria and fungi, but they are strong protection and the first step.

Antibacterial Nail Files

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