Soft Touch

Sanding Blocks


Soft Touch Fantasy Sanding blocks are preferred by many technicians. Available in a variety of grits and surface styles, they are a must for overall surface work, including wraps and acrylics.
Soft Touch Fantasy Blocks are available in five different surfaces:
Light Blue/Dark Blue • Light Pink/Dark Pink • Zebra • Black • Imperial Gold
FB 2-Way Fantasy Sanding Block. Please specify surface when ordering.




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3-Way Sanding Blocks. Available in many different flexible surfaces.
SBCM 3-sided Speckled Sanding Block, Coarse/Medium. Also made of carpet rebond foam. Bulk Packs of 12. Please specify when ordering.
SBG 3-sided Gray Sanding Block, Medium/Fine.
Closed cell foam.
SBW12 4-sided White Sanding Block, Medium/Fine. Available in packs of 12 or by the case of 1000. Please specify when ordering.
SBS012 Disinfectable™ 3-sided Orange Sanding Block. Medium/Fine. Available in packs of 12.
SBSP12 Disinfectable™ 3-sided Purple Sanding Block. Coarse/Medium. Available in packs of 12.


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