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Continually changing the face of the industry, Soft Touch® advances nail-care into the 21st century.

In 1979 Soft Touch® created the original cushioned and Disinfectable™ nail file.  It was a nail industry first. In 1998 Soft Touch® creates the first antibacterial nail file.  Another industry first.

Each Soft Touch® Antibacterial File is treated with a broad spectrum amoebiocide to help combat infectious organisms.  These patented Antibacterial Files provide strong protection against germs.  Today, many copies of our original files are being made in Third-World countries under unsanitary conditions.  Abrasives can harbor bacteria. Even copies made here in the U.S. may harbor bacteria from workers' coughing and sneezing.  With ever-tightening State restraints on unsanitary practices, you need the extra assurance you get from Soft Touch®!

Sold only through Professional Distributors - US Patent #5,813,416.
International #0645298,43513

GLPP080F50 Red - Extra Coarse
GLPP120F50 Pink - Coarse
GLPP180F50 Peach - Medium
GLPP240F50 Yellow - Fine
GLPP320F50 White - Extra Fine
GL44PP50 4-Way Curved - 080/120/180/240
GLPP_/_F50 Mylar - Any Combo
DUPP080F50 Red - Curved Extra Coarse
DUPP120F50 Pink - Curved Coarse
DUPP180F50 Peach - Curved Medium
DUPP240F50 Yellow -Curved Fine
DUPP320F50 White Curved Extra Fine
DU4PP50 4-Way Curved - 080/120/180/240
DUPP_/_F50 Curved - Any Combo
GQ080F50 Red - Square 1 1/8" X 7"
GQ120F50 Pink - Square 1 1/8" X 7"
GQ180F50 Peach - Square 1 1/8" X 7"
GQ240F50 Yellow - Square 1 1/8" X 7"
GQ320F50 White - Square 1 1/8" X 7"
GQ_/_F50 Square 1 1/8" X 7" - Any Combo
GQS080F50 Red - Square 3/4" X 7"
GQS120F50 Pink - Square 3/4" X 7"
GQS180F50 Peach - Square 3/4" X 7"
GQS240F50 Yellow - Square 3/4" X 7"
GQS320F50 White - Square 3/4" X 7"
CLEARLY MYLAR Disinfectable™S
GLC080F50 7" White Mylar, X-Coarse
GLC80/100F50 7" White Mylar, X-Coarse/Coarse
GLC100/180F50 7" White Mylar, Coarse/Medium
GLC180/240F50 7" White Mylar, Medium/Fine
GLCT080F50 7" Tapered White Mylar, X-Coarse
GLCT80/100F50 7" Tapered White Mylar, X-Coarse/Coarse
GLCT100/180F50 7" Tapered White Mylar, Coarse/Medium
GLCT180/240F50 7" Tapered White Mylar, Medium/Fine


GLBP100F50 Coarse
GLBP180F50 Medium
GLBP240F50 Fine
GLBP_/_F50 Any Combo
DUBP_F50 Cuved
GQBP_F50 Square 1 1/8" X 7"
GQSBP_F50 Square 3/4" X 7"
GLBPT_F50 Tapered
GLMM080F50 Purple - Extra Coarse
GLMM100F50 Violet - Coarse
GLMM120F50 Light Green - Coarse
GLMM180F50 Yellow - Medium
GLMM240F50 Orange - Fine
GLMM25 Assortment Pack, 5 of each color


WBB Black 180 Grit. Available in boxes of 100,Packs of 40 and Hang Tags of 10.
*Available in Antibacterial*
WBA Imperial Gold 100 Grit. Available in boxes of 100, Packs of 40 and Hang Tags of 10.
*Available in Antibacterial*


Soft Touch foot files can be used either wet or dry. They are manufactured under the same quality standards as our nail files.
Each file has two different surfaces—the coarse side removes rough, calloused skin; the finer side smooths and maintains the skin. The handles are extra long and made of durable hard plastic. These foot files make great retail sales builders. Sold in individually packaged Hang Tag bags. *Now Antibacterial!
GFF Grinder Foot File Black/Gold, Paddle Shaped
SFF Soft Foot Pedicure File Black/Gold, Foot Shaped
TFF Travel Foot File Black/Gold, Small Foot Shaped
FFST St. Tropez Foot File Red/Peach Mylar
SPF Spa Pedicure File - Violet/Purple

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