Soft Touch

Skin Care

100% natural Jojoba Oil Cuticle Conditioner. Studies show that this superior oil regenerates the skin’s cellular process, which softens and heals dry, cracked skin. Ideal for use on cuticles, knees and elbows. Water soluble. Dropper allows for non-contamination. Will not promote lifting of artificial nails.
J0C Jojoba Oil Cuticle Conditioner, 1/2-oz. bottle with dropper.
J0C2 Jojoba Oil Cuticle Conditioner, 2-oz. refillable size. 8 per box.
Antimicrobial Fungicide Spray

Cepticide is a natural and effective antimicrobial fungicide spray. The active ingredient is Citricidal®, a biologically active, environmentally friendly botanical extract from citrus that inhibits the growth of fungi. Spray it on the nails to help prevent nail fungus, skin infections and athletes foot. Cepticide is oil free and water soluble. 2-oz. pump spray.

CEP2 Cepticide Botanical Extract, 2-oz.
CEP16 Cepticide Botanical Extract, 16-oz. refill.
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